Linux the open source operating system has been created a revolution in the world of computers Linux is being used in a wide variety of applications including networking softwares development and as an end user platform. Due to its extensibility and robustness, lots of softwares developers and companies have moved on to development on the Linux platform thereby adding to its increasing popularity

Red hat certification is a valuable, industrial recognized credential that signifies a proven level of knowledge and skill in Linux earning your red hat certification puts you on step closure to gaining exist with a industries most challenging opportunities. Red hat certify engineer RHCE is an engineer level certification from red hat for enterprise linux server system and network administration.


Red hat linux essentials Understand the linux file system Perform common file patience task Use and customize the GNOME interface Issue essential linux commands from command line perform common task using GNOME GUI open edit and save the text in document using the VI editor File access permissions Launch applications from command line and GNOME interface Printing commands and utilities Customize x window system Regular expression pattern matching and io redirections Copy file to and from floppy diskette Install, upgrade, delete and query packages on your system Network and power user utilities


Red hat linux system administration Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux interactively and with kickstart Control Common System Hardware Create and Maintain the Linux file system Configure an NFS Clint and Autofs Understand system and service initialization Perform user and group administration integrate and existing network running common network services Configure a workstation as a client to NIS, DNS and DHCP services Administer the Linux printing Subsystem Automate tasks with cron and anacron Maintain and interpret system logs Backup file system to tape & Tar archive Install,update,quary and remove software packages with RPM Update the Linux kernel from an RPM Configure the X window system & the GNOME desktop environment Perform Basic Performance,Memory and Process Management Configure basic host Security Perform Basic Troubleshooting


Red Hat Linux Network & Security Networking Services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server-Side setup, Configuration and Basic Administration of common networking Services Security Administrations Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developing a security Policy Local Security Files & File system security Password and kernel Security Basic Elements of firewall Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based Security tools Responding to a Break-in attempt Security Sources & method Overview of OSS security tools.